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Women's XC History

Year Record Conference Place Coach Regional Finish
2023    Orange Empire  2nd  Matt Sherman  6th SoCal, 8th State
2022    Orange Empire  2nd  Matt Sherman  15th SoCal
2021    Orange Empire  3rd  Matt Sherman  
2020    NO SEASON    COVID-19  
2019    Orange Empire  1st  Matt Sherman  2nd SoCal, 2nd State
2018    Orange Empire  1st  Matt Sherman  4th SoCal, 5th State
2017    Orange Empire  2nd  Matt Sherman  8th SoCal, 12th State
2016    Orange Empire  2nd  Matt Sherman  4th SoCal, 5th State
2015    Orange Empire  3rd  Matt Sherman  8th SoCal, 10th State
2014    Orange Empire  2nd  Matt Sherman  11th SoCal, 15th State
2013    Orange Empire  7th  Matt Sherman  
2012    Orange Empire  7th  Matt Sherman  
2011    Orange Empire  4th  Matt Sherman  15th SoCal, 20th State
2010    Orange Empire  4th  Matt Sherman  11th SoCal, 14th State
2009    Orange Empire  4th  Mark Blethen  18th SoCal, 18th State
2008    Orange Empire  3rd  Mark Blethen  8th SoCal
2007    Orange Empire  4th  Mark Blethen  18th SoCal
2006    Orange Empire  4th  Mark Blethen  24th SoCal
2005    Orange Empire  6th  Mark Blethen  
2004    Orange Empire    Mark Blethen  
2003    Orange Empire  4th  Mark Blethen  18th SoCal
2002    Orange Empire    Mark Blethen  
2001    Orange Empire    Mark Blethen  
2000    Orange Empire  6th  Mark Blethen  20th SoCal
1999    Orange Empire  7th  Taz Murtaugh  
1998    Orange Empire  6th  Eric Anderson  27th SoCal
1997    Orange Empire  2nd  John Klink  7th SoCal
1996    Orange Empire  3rd  John Klink  
1995    Orange Empire  4th  John Klink  
1994    Orange Empire  5th  John Klink  
1993    no team fielded      
1992    Orange Empire  5th  David Murphy  
1991  5-1  Orange Empire  2nd  Gene Gurule  7th SoCal
1990    Orange Empire  3rd  Gene Gurule  
1989  3-3  Orange Empire  4th  Gene Gurule  
1988        Gene Gurule  
1987        Gene Gurule  
1986        Gene Gurule  
1985  1-7  South Coast    Mark LaBonte  
1984  3-5  South Coast  6th  Mark LaBonte  
1983  0-4  Pacific Coast  5th  Tom Messina  
1982  4-2  Pacific Coast  2nd  Ton Messina  
1981  3-4  Mission  5th  Jay Roelen  
1980  2-4  Mission  8th  Jay Roelen  
1979  7-2  Mission  3rd  Jay Roelen