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Volleyball Hall of Fame

Saddleback College has had a women's volleyball program since 1976 and over that time has had a number of great performers.  This is a list of former Saddleback volleyball players that have been inducted into the Saddleback College Athletics Hall of Fame.


Cynthia Kerwin 1976-77   Mona Bishop 1977-78   Kathy Conway 1978-79
Connie Gehley 1977-78   Arlean Harris 1978-79   Kim Carroll 1979-80
Cindy Jackson 1980-81   Linda Rickabaugh 1981   Anna Castillo 1984-85
Cyndi Rhone 1989   Heather Mead 1989   Jody Narey 1989-90
Elaini Kollias 1991-92   Yumi Yamazaki 1992-93   Whitney Uhl 1996-97
Richelle Danet 1997-98   Gina Stivers 1997-98   Lauren Henderson 1999-00
Carmen Stratton 2002   Maegen Bergquist 2002-03   Morgan Kavanaugh 2009-10